“cannonball saxophone for sale”

Be aware of online scammers !

Based on our customer security and satisfaction during and after the purchase of an instrument, our online purchase recommendation is as followed to protect and create awareness:

“cannonball saxophone for sale” it sounds like music in your ears !

It has been our experience that customers are most happy when they purchase Cannonball Instruments from their local dealer. Therefore we do not allow our dealers to sell over the internet. Unauthorised use of Cannonball’s registered mark and name has been an infrequent but fraudulent occurrence over the internet resulting in the customer losing money and not receiving their horns. When you purchase Cannonball Saxophones from an authorised dealer you can be assured that your warranty will be honored and you will receive quality service. (Cannonball Musical Instruments, Utah, USA, 2017)

Cannonball for sale

Cannonball saxophone for sale