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Musikmesse Frankfurt 40 anniversary, Cannonball is at the special edition

Cannonball Central Europe accompanies the 40-year anniversary of the Musikmesse Frankfurt.

The Musikmesse has been a established name for 40 years and has become the largest music fair in Europe. Musicians and music lovers worldwide fly in to be informed of all the news. In cooperation with Cannonball USA, MI&D International has managed to secure a place for years to present the instruments of Cannonball.

We have seen the fair grow and change, the market is changing from offline to online, and what is the right adjustment for private individuals, retailers and professionals in order to be able to continue to provide excellence in the music industry. We have always been received with great interest and look forward to another successful exhibition for all participants and the organization of the Musikmesse Frankfurt.

On behalf of MI&D International Saxmusic, we congratulate Messe Frankfurt on their 40th Anniversary.

“cannonball saxophone for sale”

Be aware of online scammers !

Based on our customer security and satisfaction during and after the purchase of an instrument, our online purchase recommendation is as followed to protect and create awareness:

“cannonball saxophone for sale” it sounds like music in your ears !

It has been our experience that customers are most happy when they purchase Cannonball Instruments from their local dealer. Therefore we do not allow our dealers to sell over the internet. Unauthorised use of Cannonball’s registered mark and name has been an infrequent but fraudulent occurrence over the internet resulting in the customer losing money and not receiving their horns. When you purchase Cannonball Saxophones from an authorised dealer you can be assured that your warranty will be honored and you will receive quality service. (Cannonball Musical Instruments, Utah, USA, 2017)

Cannonball for sale

Cannonball saxophone for sale

Cannonball Saxophone dealer Berlin

Cannonball shop, coming up soon!

Firma Holzbläser in Berlin is having an try out with the Cannonball horns.

They are in pre- dealer status and looking forward to have you and assist you with you future saxophone. The first horns are in store soon! including the Tenor T5- B Ice-B Raven and Alto A5- BR Brute Vintage.

Contact: Cannonball dealer details 

Hauptstrasse 65
12159. Berlin
Phone: 030-85070574-0 

Firma Holzbläser Berlin

Cannonball shop Firma Holzbläser Berlin

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Black Ruby saxophone blowing away any expectations

Cannonball’s Black Ruby is introduced to the musicians at the NAMM Show 2017 in Los Angeles U.S.A. (Cannonball Central Europe saxophone January 2017.)

Last January NAMM Show has took place again in Los Angeles.
All The new Cannonball Instruments models were published and presented to the musicians.

The black Ruby is one of them which we will take over into our collection for the European market. The Black Ruby (T5-R/A5-R) has a stunning design and color, the power of simplicity is key to this Saxophone. Reactions where overwhelming !

Big Bell T5-R/A5-R will be available from May 2017 onwards. 

Cannonball Black Ruby Big Bell

What may you expect: 

  • Ruby lacquer mirror finish 
  • Spider-man Jasper stones
  • Black Ruby Neck
  • Silver FAT Neck
  • Compact case 
  • Extra optional: hand engraving on the bell.



For more information ore order options please contact your special authorized Cannonball store or contact MI&D International at any time.  

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Esperienza Perfection

Experience yourself a Cannonball, for information or to find a Cannonball dealer,

We look forward to helping you in your musical search further!

Musical greeting customer service and relation

Flicorno si trova la fase di test!

At this time, the Cannonball Flugelhorn 779L by many hands of experts and professionals. They experience that Cannonball is not only able to produce good saxophones, trumpets, flutes and clarinets, but that first Flugelhorn 779L already enjoys the necessary attention now.

For more information concerning the Cannonball Flugelhorn 779L contact your nearest official  Cannonball dealer for specification and delivery times.

Looking for a Cannonball dealer? search no longer write us, using the contact form “Dealers” and we will put you in touch with the official dealer in your area.

Delivery period Flugelhorn 779L mid fall 2014.

Beyonce Band sceglie “The Raven”!

Beyonce Band on Cannonball click to see the banner

Beyonce’s musicians choose The Raven Cannonball, tray it your self and go to a official Cannonball Dealer to give you the right advise.

Ask yourself….                                                                                                                                              Isn’t it time for a Cannonball?